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According to the relevant literature, horses are considered “old” from the age of about 18 – 20 years. However, there is no uniform standard.

Horses show their age in the form of grey hair on their heads, changes in metabolism, a reduced regenerative capacity and the complete wearing down or loss of teeth. This is when the requirements of ageing horses, which generally have greater problems processing feed, need to be addressed. The goal of feeding old horses should be to ensure sufficient energy and nutrient intake in order to maintain a good physical condition.

In most cases, the greatest problem is the complete wearing down of dental reserves or the loss of individual teeth. This makes it ever more difficult for horses to chew their basic feed and moisten it sufficiently with saliva. The formation of “hay rolls” is a sign of this happening. As a result of the insufficient raw fiber intake, horses lose weight, their intestinal flora is affected and diarrhea or colics are common consequences.

Basic feed is and remains the basis for horse nutrition, even in old age. If a horse has difficulty ingesting basic feed, sensible alternatives need to be found. Trying to counteract the process by increasing the amount of concentrated feed usually only has short-term benefits. In the long term, the horse´s nutritional condition becomes worse.

PRE ALPIN SENIOR consists of dry green fibres specially designed for older horses that are unable  to chew their basic feed sufficiently. The fiber length of 3 – 20 mm corersponds to the ground-down basic feed in the case of an intact set of teeth. PRE ALPIN SENIOR thereby covers the horse´s raw fiber requirements completely. In addition, it is free of dust and mildew.

Added cold-pressed linseed oil provides further benefits. In addition to energy, it provides the horse with essential fatty acids.

  • unique combination of herbs and grasses
  • high in raw fiber
  • free of mildew and dust
  • pure, natural product withour additives (e.g. molasses)
  • short fibers
  • uncompressed
  • gently dried using warm air


  • as basic feed (100% hay substitute)
  • for enhancement of hay, silage, pasture
  • as substitute for concentrated feed
  • in case of undersupply with applicable crude fibre, e.g. due to tooth loss
  • in case of age-related weight loss
  • for increasing fluid in take
  • extends feeding time
  • in case of chewing and dental problems
  • for masking medication

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